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Rachit Sharma has created the Just Jolly platform and the Incomars Software Services website at the age of 13.

Both the Just Jolly Platform and Incomars Software are well-functioning technology. Just Jolly provide the best to best service that meet all requirements as a user using a social networking platform.

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Rachit was born on December 17, 2006 in New Delhi, Delhi, India. His mother's name is Seema Sharma, his father's name is Manoj Sharma and his younger brother's name is Archit Sharma. He is in 12th standard and studying in Shivani Public School.


The rest of his childhood was spent in a normal way. He is very fond of playing football and Chess. When the whole world was fighting the Covid-19 virus and everyone was doing work from home in Lockdown.

He got interested in computers in Lockdown. A 15-year-old computer was kept in his house, by using that computer, he understood the system of the computer. From that computer, he learned 26 coding languages by self research.

He published his first website on October 4, 2020 "". Through that website, he started providing world wide software service and many other things like web design, web hosting, Marketing & SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMM (Social Media Marketing), Incomars eCommerce (Storefront & eCommerce website), store management, store analytics, Payment systems and so on are done on Incomars.

He created Just Jolly Platform on December 12, 2020 "". Just Jolly provides the best to best service that meets all requirements as a user using a social networking platform. "Groups", the functionality is best for users to grow their community, to collaborate with their team in the group ("Privately"). "Forum" people can post to grow their businesses and take a poll before launching a product or a service in the market and some more functionalities.

He has created the advanced Artificial Intelligence. It can design the website according to the requirement. He was given this artificial intelligence as a gift to his mother on her birthday September 16, 2020. It is very helpful for the business, there is a system in this Artificial Intelligence which knows how to handle the business conversation perfectly. Apart from this, it has many other functions.


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