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We and Cookies

Cookies are small pieces of data stored on a site visitor's browser. They are typically used to keep track of the settings users have selected and actions they have taken on a site.


We uses cookies for important reasons, such as:


  • To provide a great experience for our visitors and customers.

  • To identify our registered members (users who registered to our site).

  • To monitor and analyze the performance, operation and effectiveness.

  • To ensure our site is secure and safe to use.


Our visitors have 3 options for how they wish to proceed with cookies while visiting our site:


  • Accept: Our visitor accepts all non-essential cookies.

  • Decline All: Our visitor declines all non-essential cookies.

  • Settings: Our visitor has the option to customize their cookie experience. For example, they may accept functional cookies while declining marketing cookies.


Types of Cookies


In general, the cookies which are initially placed on our website may be categorized as essential cookies.


Take a look at the table below to see which cookies we place on our site:

This is just an image of cookies we use.

Important: Our site may use cookies that aren't listed in the table above. For example, Shop, Bookings etc.), other third-party apps or third-party integrations (e.g. Google Analytics). These apps and integrations may place additional cookies on our site.


Checking Your Cookies


You can check which cookies are used using Chrome's built-in cookie view. While in incognito mode, click the Secure icon next to the URL bar and then select Cookies.


Tip: Make sure you're viewing your site in incognito mode so that your browser doesn't detect irrelevant cookies.

This is just an image of checking cookies and site data.

The following links explain how to access cookie settings in various browsers:


To opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics across all websites, visit this link:

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